PCM Gamecenter Project

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PCM Gamecenter Project

Mensaje por ITA_emmea90 el Sáb 8 Oct 2016 - 19:30

Hi all

Yes, you already know me, and if you don't probably you haven't play so much PCM.

After the petition i am here to talk about the new project I have for the community: the Gamecenter project.

Old PCM players know what the Gamecenter was: a place with a lot of players in which you can talk or find friends to play your games

I want to try to recreate a similar enviroment as today there is no communications between players - meaning that is difficult to organize an online game.

To do this i used Slack as support, creating the following chat, starting from the previous PCMWC 2016 chat: https://pcmgamecenter.slack.com

To join the chat you can be invited from a friend that is already in, or get an invite by yourself using this link https://gamecenter-slackin.herokuapp.com/

When you have an account, you can install the app for your device and be connected with all the players https://slack.com/downloads/windows

Project targets are the following
1) Let PCM players have a meeting place for talking between communities
2) Let PCM players have a place in which they can organize their online games, without having to log into the game (and melting down their CPUs)
3) Let the next PCM World Cup organizers have a base of players to start as many players missed the world Cup simply because they don't know that there is one.

Please notice that this is not intended as a PCM Italia project but a project for all communities: I will give moderator powers on the chat to everyone that manage multiplayer in the respective communities

I hope the project will succeed and we can get again a place in which players can meet and organize games together as multiplayer is quite dead.

Chat link: https://pcmgamecenter.slack.com
Registration link: https://gamecenter-slackin.herokuapp.com/

If you want to be in the project, see you on the other side, then online.

P.s. Long live Dinli



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Re: PCM Gamecenter Project

Mensaje por TORTEG el Dom 16 Oct 2016 - 0:03

Rolling Eyes

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